Sunday, December 12, 2010

"I am" becaue we are

I am Abhimanyu - a very sensitive and insightful   film which
underscores the point that it is possible to amke a film on child sexual abuse without being voyueristic  or sensational, or  crude. And that too when it is not a documentary.
Brillinat is the way Onir has captured the  little nuances which show the insidious way abus ehappens and impacts.
I am Omar, which followed the same vein of direction, also  opened new avenues of  understanding of  being gay, against the current backdrop of attitudes and the law, in India
The panel discussion  moderated by Bharadwaj Rangan , Film Critic, New Indian Express which followed  was  lively, thought provoking  and informative   ranging from film based to issue based questions, with active audience particpation and betweeen the panelists -  Aniruddh from Shakti Centre, Onir and Arjun Mathur  who acts as Omar, Vidya from Tulir and Shaila, Advocate and Legal Scholar Shaila

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